Ways To Cure InFertility Problems For The Fertility Treatment Process

If you are unable to conceive, some tests recommended by your gynac can tell you if you are infertile or you are simply having some issues. Medical history, physical examination, blood tests, etc are carried out to determine your fertility. Most of the times, sperm problems, ovulation issues or block fallopian tubes are the reason for infertility. But in some cases, couples are unable to conceive even if all the results come out perfect.

Fertility treatment clinics in Bangkok and all over the world have some treatments to cure infertility. They are different for men and women. Also, the fertility treatment cost in Bangkok and everywhere else depends on how elaborate the process is going to be.

Fertility Treatment For Men

Men can be treated for their infertility in the following ways:

  • Surgery- Fertility treatment clinics in Bangkok opt for surgery if the veins in the scrotum have widened or if there is a blockage in the tubes that carry sperm.
  • Antibiotics- In case of infections in the reproductive organs, antibiotics are used for treating infertility.
  • Counselling and medicines- If the cause of infertility is the issue with erection or ejaculation, medicines and proper counselling can treat it. The fertility treatment cost in Bangkok for it isn’t very high.
  • Hormonal treatment- Often, infertility is caused due to high or low levels of certain hormones. These hormones are different in male and female. By treating the levels of these hormones, infertility can be cured.

These are a few ways in which men can be treated for infertility.

Fertility treatment For Women

Women have a limited number of solutions for their infertility problems.

  • Hormonal treatment- If hormones in women aren’t at the right levels, it can cause infertility. Hormonal medicines can bring hormones at the right levels and cure infertility.
  • Fertility drugs- If the cause of infertility is the inability to ovulate, fertility drugs are the best option for treating infertility in women.
  • Surgery- In case of blocked fallopian tubes, surgery is carried out to open them up and treat infertility in women.

These are a few ways through which fertility treatment clinics in Bangkok treats infertility in women.

Many clinics also opt for assisted reproductive technology like IUI, IVF, GIFT or ZIFT for treating infertility in couples. The fertility treatment cost in Bangkok for these processes are a little high, but they do yield the results in time. In IUI or intrauterine insemination, sperm is collected from the man and after treating, some of them are placed directly inside the uterus of the women. This way, sperm’s half distance is covered. The rest of the process happens naturally. This is usually done if the sperm has a low motility rate. In IVF or in vitro fertilization, sperm and eggs are fertilized in the lab and then they are placed in the uterus. In GIFT sperms and eggs are placed in the fallopian tube while in ZIFT, the eggs are fertilized in the lab and are then placed in the fallopian tube.

These processes have helped many infertile couples have kids. They offer hope to all of them.