IVF is frequently thought of as “the last stop” on the path to infertility in the world of infertility. Many couples who struggle with infertility or for whom traditional conception and pregnancy are not possible, such as same-sex couples or women with infertility diagnoses that prevent the sperm and egg from contacting in non-assisted ways, may find that IVF is their first and most successful option. This is something that most people are unaware of.

IVF has come as a boon in the life of people. With the assistance of the best and most experienced fertility specialists in Thailand, you can quickly proceed with the treatment.

How advantageous is IVF for you?
One-stop solution for everyone
In-vitro fertilisation isn’t just for the mother of the child; it can also be used by surrogacy or gestational carriers, allowing a diverse range of people to become parents and participate in the pregnancy and labour experience. This includes, for example, same-sex couples, women who are biologically unable to carry a baby to term, and single women.

Enhanced chances of conceiving
IVF with PGD has the highest success rate of any assisted reproductive technology. If necessary, multiple cycles can be used to improve a woman’s chances of fertilisation, a healthy pregnancy, and a live birth. The fertility specialist in Thailand will guide you on how to prepare for the procedure and get desired results.

Control over timing
IVF is advantageous to patients since it gives them more overall control, especially those who are career-focused or who may have a special life circumstance that affects exactly when they want their baby to be born. Cryopreserved eggs or embryos can be used in the future. The optimal time to move forward with IVF can then be chosen by selecting a window of time when you wish to become pregnant or when you want your baby to be born. The ideal kid spacing for your family can be achieved with the use of IVF.

Healthier embryos
Additionally, preimplantation genetic screening is possible with IVF (PGS). Prior to fertilisation, PGS is essential for the genetic profiling of embryos. This procedure aids in the embryo’s efficient screening. By doing so, the likelihood of passing on a chromosomal condition or genetic abnormalities to the child is reduced. Consequently, it lessens a couple’s concerns about potential pregnancy difficulties.

High success rates
IVF is thought to be a more effective method than other forms of assisted reproduction. In comparison to other reproductive methods, this approach has a higher success rate than in vitro fertilisation (IVF) and has undergone more scientific breakthroughs. IVF treatment is advised if you have infertility issues, such as fallopian tube obstruction, diminished ovarian reserves, or advanced maternal age, as it is a safe process.

Observation of embryonic development
One advantage of IVF treatment is that it enables you to watch how embryos develop from conception to daily transfer. You can assess their morphology according to some quality-related factors, such as the number of cells, fragmentation percentage, symmetry, and the number of nuclei. Other factors include the cytoplasm, cytosol, and vacuoles.In order to choose the embryo with the best likelihood of implantation, each embryo is given a quality rating by the fertility specialist.

One of the most well-liked forms of assisted reproductive technology is IVF. This method can be used by couples who are having trouble getting pregnant biologically. By doing an extensive study, try to connect with the top fertility specialist in Thailand.