How To Increase The Chances Of Fertility By Right IVF Treatment?

When you are thinking or chosen to be treated with IVF, many doubts come in your mind.

  • From where I will get the right IVF treatment?
  • What diet I have to take for IVF success?
  • What will be the success rate of IVF treatment?
  • How to make IVF successful for the first time? And a countless number of queries.

Before indulging in the treatment of IVF, every family should know the success rate of it because by this you come to know the actual chances of success. The main reason to seek medical help for conceiving is a sperm problem in any of the partners.

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How to surge the chances of its success?

Let’s leak this secret and start working on it: –

1. Maintain a healthy weight

According to the report, which is stated by the UNC School of Medicine, “healthy weight is very crucial infertility and IVF.” If the women are obese, the time of conception will surge from 2 to 4 times which lower down the IVF success rate.

Moreover, the complications also increase which affects the egg retrieval. Weight can be maintained with the change in diet and simple exercise under the guidance of professionals.

2. Reduce the stress

The stress level of women can impact the natural and assisted conception rates. That’s why reducing stress is an essential part if you successful IVF. For this, you can take stress-relieving activities by which the mind and body are relaxed.

3. Take sufficient Vitamin D

In a report, it is found that 40% of the individuals are deficient in Vitamin D due to it the success of IVF becomes worse. Ask the doctor to check the level of Vitamin D, or he/she will correct themselves.

4.Quit smoking

Smoking can be dangerous and lower down the success of IVF because it drastically affects the egg and sperm quality. Everyone knows that quitting smoking is not an easy task, but with professional help, it is possible. In this process involve your friends and relatives so that they encourage you not to smoke and you can quit smoking.

5. Don’t delay until it’s too late

The age of women affects fertility. In a report, it is found that one out of three women has issues to conceive after 35 years and many of them unable to have a baby after the age of forty.

So, it’s your responsibility to decrease that effect and surge the success of IVF by beginning the treatment at the right age which offers excellent prospects afterward.

6. Have patience

Your strength and wait are positively associated with IVF success. You have waited for many years to be expectant. Then why can’t you remain patient during the procedure of IVF?

When women are not able to conceive, then IVF treatment offers a successful pregnancy. But the only thing is you have to take some precautions which you have read above. The success ratio of IVF is high, which offers a healthy pregnancy and child. When we talk about the cost, the fertility treatment cost in Thailand, its quite reasonable, and the treatment is world-class.