How To Conceive Desired Gender Baby Boy?

In case you are looking to expand your family you may also want a child of a specific gender such as a boy. It is after all a personal choice for you. While there are no guaranteed methods there are some practices and theories that might help you conceive a baby boy.

Understanding the basics of conception 

As you would learn while having IVF treatment for baby boy you conceive when a sperm, which carries a Y or an X chromosome, fertilizes an egg. The sex of your baby is determined by the chromosome that the sperm carries. Sperms carrying the Y chromosome are responsible for the birth of boys.

Timing intercourse 

Some theories suggest that if you can have intercourse with a woman when she is closer to her ovulation period there is a greater chance that she will have a boy. Sperms carrying the Y chromosome are supposed to swim quicker compared to the ones with the X chromosome, but their lifespans are shorter than the latter. This is why you can try having intercourse in the said period.

Ovulation tracking 

It is important to track the menstrual cycle of a woman properly and pinpoint their ovulation window when you are aiming to have a baby boy. There are various procedures by which you can do so. You can also get IVF treatment for baby boy if you want to.  

Diet and nutrition 

There is no conclusive scientific evidence backing them as such, but some theories suggest that a few dietary changes could improve a woman’s chances of conceiving a boy. Some proponents of these advise that men have diets rich in sodium and potassium as these nutrients are supposed to be beneficial for the Y-chromosome-carrying sperm. You can also include more magnesium in your diet.

Altering sexual positions 

It is said that certain sexual positions make it helpful to have a baby boy and this is why a lot of couples look for that particular gender experiment with their sexual positions. However, IVF treatment for baby boy is always an easier way to go about things in this regard.

Shifting pH levels 

The pH (potential of hydrogen) level of the vaginal area of a woman might affect the chances of survival of sperm. Some suggest that having an alkaline environment is more favorable for the Y-chromosome-carrying sperm. So, couples looking for a boy can experiment with douching methods or dietary changes to create a more alkaline vaginal environment.

Consulting a healthcare professional 

Before you make any significant change to your lifestyle or attempt any unconventional method you should talk to a doctor qualified in these matters. There is no doubt that IVF treatment for baby boy is the best option in this particular case.


Conceiving a baby boy has been one issue that has intrigued couples for so many generations now. There is as such no bulletproof method that will help you conceive a boy for sure you can explore various preferences and tips which are in line with your preferences.